About Us

Dynamic Office Products is the result of a merger between two long standing office supply companies here in Calgary with a combined history of providing exemplary service of over 40 years. We specialize in the sales and service of major brands of printers and plotters along with OEM and remanufactured toner and ink cartridges.

Dynamic Office Products also sells paper products (i.e. sheet paper, thermal rolls, BPA free paper), and virtually any other product from pens, desks to computer hardware and we deliver directly to your door!

Dynamic Office Products strives to provide legendary service for their customers. What makes service “legendary”? It’s service that is consistently excellent and sustained over a long period of time. When you buy from Dynamic Office Products that is what you can expect.

Feel free to contact us for a pickup of your used cartridges, whether they are toner or ink.

Today nothing is more important than our company outlook. We have a great staff and have very little turnover. We encourage everyone to show up for work every week-day and reward those who do. Being here is expected as we all count on each other to take care of our customers and show them we really do care about being EXCELLENT.  Call today so we can show you that we care about our customers.


What Makes Us Stand Out

Our Standards: We really care about giving our customers a great experience. The phone never rings more than twice! Every order goes out with a treat. Emails are replied to promptly. We make sure that call-in customers can tell by our voice that we are happy to be here. Tell the truth with a firm ETA on deliveries.

Our Delivery: Do you ever notice that a lot of delivery people seem indifferent about their work? Not ours. We count on them to help our customers by offering to put their product away, by being professional and well mannered, by helping them with returns, or with a simple pleasantness about them. Our drivers are reminded again and again that they are the face of our company. If you are doing a job, make a great impression!

Returns: We see this area of our business as a way to market ourselves. Try and return something to us. You will find us very reasonable. We make returns easy as we pick up the products with our own drivers and issue a credit to you within 1 business day after pick up. We want to show you the difference between our company and our competition.

Our availability: You can contact us by phone (the number is in the banner of our website) or email any time. You can contact us by simply clicking on the email address (it is not necessary to fill out a form). Having a problem with our company which is not getting resolved? SPEAK TO A MANAGER. You can also communicate with us through FACEBOOK or TWITTER. We want to be accessible.