Printer Service Department

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We have 2 ways to help you get your printer repaired:


In House - $98 per hour

Simply bring your printer to our office at 2923 - 5 Avenue NE. We charge an initial assessment fee of $98 + GST and once we have assessed your printer, we contact you with any parts and/or labour costs. If you decide to go ahead, the initial fee payment will be transferred to the final invoice. In the event you feel the printer is not worth the cost of repairs or you would like a second opinion, you have already paid for your assessment and there will be no further charges.

*** Remember to come and pick up your printer! We will remind you but if the printer is still unclaimed after 30 days it will be sent out to be recycled.


Service Call by a Technician - $120 per hour

You can call into our service department and book an appointment for one of our certified technicians to come and check your printer. If it just requires a cleaning or general adjustment, then this can all be done in a single visit. If troubleshooting proves that your printer needs parts and labour to get it back into working order, we will provide a quote after the first call. No further work will continue without your OK.


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Our Service Department is open
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Monday through Friday